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    Do what's right, even when there is no one watching. Be considerate of others and their feelings; your co-workers, residents and their families, your friends and loved ones. Showing up to life on time and give it your all. When your integrity grows, so does the trust others place in you.


    To find what makes you happy and gives you fulfillment. To have a strong desire to repeat and to achieve a higher level. The reason you get up in the morning and do it all over again. When it does not matter what you receive, but what you can give.


    Creating new memories for our residents and families while treating each person as an individual, who deserves respect and dignity while receiving outstanding and passionate care.

  • What We Offer

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    Memory Care

    Where New Memories Begin

    It sometimes seems as if those suffering from the symptoms of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia are living in their own separate worlds. That means that our staff is always up to the task to help overcome these barriers and help our residents regain awareness to memories that is seems they have lost.


    Memory care is about elderly people whose lives are suddenly characterized by a sense of emptiness, loss, and despair. It is our job to help them express those memories that are often repeated, and to help them often remember other parts of their past that they have forgotten.


    We use many years of experience to help extract a wide range of positive memories from our residents. Simple objects, such as their favorite photos, personal favorite clothes, or music can help trigger positive memories.


    Once that happens, the relationship between residents and our staff quickly changes. Memory care is beneficial and vital to seniors who have dementia.


    Most people with dementia begin suffering short term memory loss. However, their long term memory usually remains intact. That's why it is good to talk about their youth and other earlier times in their lives, because they will usually remember them quite vividly.


    Memory care for seniors with dementia is challenging, but at the same time it is very rewarding. Our motto at Applewood Our House is "Where new memories begin." Those memories begin the minute our residents walk into our facilities for the first time.

    Assisted Living

    Caring for Seniors, Who Cannot Care for Themselves

    Seniors are living much longer than they did in recent years. Even though they need support, many of them still want to be active. Many families cannot provide long-term care and need professional assistance.


    We provide assisted living in a way that still gives seniors dignity and respect. We also help preserve as much independence as possible, while keeping our residents secure. We do everything possible to to make our houses feel like their homes.


    Assisted living facilities in Denver, Colorado provides quality care for the elderly. However, people should not confuse this type of service with that of a nursing home or independent senior living.


    Assisted living communities are for seniors, who aren’t able enough to care for all their basic demands, but don’t require constant care. For people who are looking into assisted living to supply elderly help then there are a few elements which ought to be thoroughly considered to be able to find the very best.


    Assisted living homes supply services, which help to make sure that seniors are not being taken care as if they were in a hospital or nursing home, but that they are living under conditions that are similar to what they would find in their own homes. Residents should always have a choice at what they can do, because no individuals are the same. So, they should have a variety of activities, and the assisted living facilities should not expect or require them to participate in every activity.


    Assisted Living Denver

    Assisted living could be the middle ground between independent living and a nursing home regarding the kind and degree of care given to residents. This may bring a different degree of safety and basic care to all assisted living facilities. This concept of an assisted living community is quite different from the choice of a nursing home.


    There is an amazing cultural and social environment, beautiful neighborhoods which are enjoyed by men and women every single day across the United States. They are some of the best choices when a family can no longer care for their elderly loved one. Most are situated near some of the best medical facilities.


    New gadgets will help in the typical management of a facility. This helps caregivers to provide a greater degree of care whilst still respecting the privacy which makes assisted living what it is.

    No matter the sort of independent living you select, it’s crucial to keep selected considerations in mind. These specialized homes give seniors some independence, while providing them the help you’ll need.


    Advances in medicine and the total quality of life within the last century means that we’re now living longer than ever. Some of the elderly have more family support than many others.


    Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) are not for seniors who require 24-hour medical care, or for those who cannot care for themselves at all, they’re for those elderly people who are able to do a lot of the daily life tasks (like dressing themselves), but desire additional assistance and watchful eye to produce certain that they are okay.


    The elderly appreciate having privacy along with assistance in daily living requirements.

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